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Not Your Grandma's Dolls

Welcome to our site

We love collecting items and along the way we add some stuff to our collections and pass along others at great prices to people who also have a passion for collecting or just finding that perfect gift for someone.

​There so many things we like to hunt for comics, games, vintage toys, movie memorabilia, horror items, books and so much more. We also enjoy making crafts and handmade items.​​

LaMere's Treasures, LLC
Visit us at 

All items we have for sale at the moment are in our eBay store. Link button is above

If you see a craft / Handmade item you would like and is not in the eBay store at this time send us an email and we will see what we can do about making another one for you.

Not Your Grandma Dolls are one of a kind so once they are sold we can't duplicate them. Link above is to the Facebook page.

The link GameTZ is where I trade video games if you are interested.

Some items are in the pictures above are in our personal collect and are not for sale at this time.